Opening and presence sensor for automatic industrial doors
Technology Radar & Active Infrared


The IXIO-D INDUS combines two technologies - radar and infrared - to achieve a double goal: opening and protection. The IXIO-D INDUS protects automatic doors as well as those operating them. The IXIO-D INDUS radar senses any approaching movement towards the door, while the infrared technology senses the presence of people and objects in the area around the closing zone of the door.


Protecting the door

The radar monitors a large, adjustable area. Its responsiveness makes it ideal for opening and re-opening the door for fork-lift trucks and vehicle traffic. In this way, it helps to prevent the vehicles from colliding into the door, when approaching at a reasonable speed.

Protecting users

Two curtains of 24 (48 total), high-density infrared
spots provide precise presence detection near the
threshold area. Provided on both sides of the door, this additional volumetric protection reduces the door’s hold-time and therefore reduces the opening and closing time of the door.

Position of the curtains

Four infrared spots, visible on the floor, appear during
configuration. This means that the position of the first curtain is easy to adjust.

LCD Screen

Intuitive setup via the LCD screen with text and symbol display (LCD graphics).

Table of specifications

Supply voltage:

12 V - 24 V AC +/-10% ; 12 V - 30 V DC +/-10% (to be operated from SELV compatible power supplies only)


Power consumption:

< 2.5 W


Mounting height:

2 m to 4 m (local regulations may have an impact on the acceptable mounting height)


Temperature range:

-25°C to +55°C; 0-95% relative humidity, non condensing


Degree of protection:




< 70 dB


Expected lifetime:

20 years


Detection mode:

Min. detection speed: 5 cm/s

Typical response time: < 200 ms (max. 500 ms)


Microwave doppler radar
Transmitter frequency: 24.150 GHz
Transmitter radiated power: < 20 dBm EIRP Transmitter power density: < 5 mW/cm2

Active infrared with background analysis
Spot: 5 cm x 5 cm (typ)
Number of spots: max. 24 per curtain
Number of curtains: 2


Solid-state-relay (potential and polarity free)
Max. contact current: 100 mA
Max. contact voltage: 42 V AC/DC

Solid-state-relay (potential and polarity free)
Max. contact current: 100 mA
Max. contact voltage: 42 V AC/DC
Holdtime: 0.3 to 1 s

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    IXIO-DO1 I

    opening and presence  sensor

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    IXIO-DT1 I

    opening and safety with external monitoring

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